Places You Can Install Glass Splashbacks Other Than Your Kitchen

Thinking of renovating your home or office, but plants, paintings, or other popular accessories don’t fit your style? Have you thought about adding some Glass Splashbacks?

The kitchen is a popular space to install these beautiful glass designs, but you might want to spice up your bedroom or bathroom, right?

Luckily these glass accessories can easily be installed anywhere, not just the kitchen! Here are a few ideas to help inspire you to install glass designs in other parts of your home or office.

Install Glass Splashbacks in Your Bedroom

Although a bit more expensive than regular splashbacks in your kitchen or bathroom, a glass design or a simple colour is the perfect solution if you’d like to add style to your bedroom without compromising on elegance or cluttering your space.

On the Wall

Have you ever thought of adding a Glass Splashback to the wall behind your bed? Or to another wall, almost like a glass portrait?

Antique Mirror Glass Glass Splashback in bedroom
Credit: Antique Mirror Glass

Please keep in mind that our Showerline consultants can install wall splashbacks up to a specific size. We divide the glass up in a few pieces which will then be put together on the wall, meaning it won’t be a seamless application. This would be a great opportunity to create a mosaic-styled design!

On Your Closet Doors

Add some splashbacks to your closet doors. You can choose between a solid colour, an illustration, or mirrored glass.

Mirror Glass Splashback on Closet Doors
Credit: Nice Glass

If a Glass Splashback isn’t the only item you’d like to install, here’s why bath screens are another great option.

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Install Glass Splashbacks in Your Bathroom

Behind the Sink

These are great to prevent water splashing all over the wall. Choosing a bright colour will help draw attention to the basin, nudging people to remember to wash their hands as well!

Credit: Showerline

Counter Tops

Add glass designs to your bathroom countertops to create a timeless effect. Plus, it’s super easy to clean when there’s a mess or water splashed everywhere as people wash their hands. Simply wipe it down.

In the Shower

Whatever your style, adding a splashback in your shower can completely transform it! Have a look at the one below, it will feel like you’re taking a shower in the forest!

Forest Glass Splashback In Shower
Credit: Showerline

Don’t have a shower? Add it to the wall where your tub is, like the bathroom below:

Glass Splashback on wall behind bath
Credit: Creo Glass
Credit: Easy Glass Splashbacks

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Install Glass Splashbacks in Your Office

Against the Wall

A Glass Splashback with a beautiful illustration or photo will look stunning against a wall in your office. This way you can add a pop of colour without overcrowding your space.

You can add the splashback as is, like below:

Credit: Showerline

Or you can add a television, like below:

Credit: Showerline

Glass Splashbacks are great to create some interesting designs on the wall behind the front desk or your office. Either choose a solid colour, or a print to add to the wall to attract customers’ attention.

Credit: Showerline

You can also add a simple strip of glass like below:

Glass Splashback with lavender design
Credit: Showerline

Front Desk/Reception Area

Would like to add your logo or slogan to the reception desk without adding signage or extra boards? Add it with a splashback to the front of your desk.

You can also add a photo or print like the example below. Just ensure you send us the high resolution artwork if you choose a custom design, logo, or print.

Showerline reception area with glass splashback
Credit: Showerline

Benefits of Glass Splashbacks

1) Hygienic & Low Maintenance

Glass is one of the view materials naturally impenetrable by water and bacteria, allowing it to be the perfect hygienic element to add to your kitchen. It can also be cleaned repeatedly without losing its original appearance.

Because of its smooth surface, there aren’t many hard to reach places when you are cleaning a glass splashback, unlike tiles which can collect grime and grease if not cared for properly. Grout can become high maintenance as it can wear down over time, making it harder to keep clean.

Spills and other messes can easily be wiped away with a cloth

2) Heat Resistant

Toughened safety glass is the best material to make use of in places where there is heat involved, like your kitchen, as it can handle temperatures up to 243°C. This type of glass can be up to five times stronger than ordinary glass.

3) Cost-Effective

Another great reason to install Glass Splashbacks? Cost-effectiveness. These accessories will save money in the long run as they can last for years if cared for.

4) No Hassle

Homeowners are constantly on the search for quick renovations to their home without it taking too long and prohibiting from continuing with their day to day activities.

What might bother homeowners is the thought of installing Glass Splashbacks taking a while before it’s completed. After all, you can’t cook in someone else’s kitchen while you wait!

The only time-consuming part of the installation is getting the right measurements and cutting the glass. Once that’s achieved, installation only takes a few minutes to an hour. Technicians make use of strong glue or screws to attach the splashbacks.

5) Aesthetic & Customisation

With Glass Splashbacks, you can easily add a pop of colour or make your space look stylish and trendy. There are so many colours available with glass, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from which will easily fit with your existing décor.

Great colours to help create striking contrasts in your space are blue, red, purple, and lime. Glass Splashbacks also have the ability to reflect light, which would help give the impression that your kitchen, bedroom, etc. appears larger and brighter than it is.

You’ll also have the option to add Glass Splashbacks with prints such as the example below.

Glass Splashbacks are custom-made, so it will fit perfectly with your décor.

Below are a few colours for inspiration:

Glass Splashbacks colour options

Ready to Install a Glass Splashback in Your Home or Office?

We offer a wide variety of bespoke Glass Splashbacks with unique paint formulations that give them an amazing vibrant finish, ensuring the final installed product is a show-stopper.

Ranging from 56 standard range colours and custom colours, we guarantee you’ll find splashbacks to match your existing décor whether it’s in your kitchen, bedroom, or office. Get in touch with our team to help create your dream home or go to for more information.

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