Top 5 Reasons You Need Glass Splashbacks In Your Kitchen

Top 5 Reasons You Need Glass Splashbacks In Your Kitchen

Are you busy renovating your kitchen and thinking of adding glass splashbacks but not sure if they’re necessary?

Because of its various colour options and ability to enhance your kitchen, it’s a popular fixture found in many modern kitchens today. But glass splashbacks aren’t just installed because of its stylishness, it has numerous other benefits such as being low maintenance, heat resistant, and cost-effective. 

Continue below to understand the top six reasons you need glass splashbacks in your modern kitchen.

#1 Hygienic & Low Maintenance

Glass is one of the view materials naturally impenetrable by water and bacteria, allowing it to be the perfect hygienic element to add to your kitchen. 

Because of its smooth surface, there aren’t many hard to reach places when you are cleaning a glass splashback, unlike tiled splashbacks which can collect grime and grease between the tiles. Grout can become high maintenance as it can wear down over time, making it harder to keep clean.

There are no grout lines with glass splashbacks, as it’s installed as one piece. Marks and stains can easily be wiped away with a cloth.

#2 Heat Resistant

Toughened safety glass is the most suitable material to make use of in the kitchen where there is heat involved. This type of glass can be up to five times stronger than ordinary glass. 

Tempered glass is also resistant to heat up to 220°C, so it’s safe to cook for hours without damaging your beautiful glass splashback in your kitchen!

#3 Cost-Effective

Another great reason to install glass splashbacks in your kitchen? Cost-effectiveness. With glass splashbacks, you’ll save money in the long run. 

Since they don’t require grout, you’ll cut costs because you don’t need continuously re-grout them.

#4 No Hassle

Homeowners are constantly on the search for quick renovations to their home without it taking too long and prohibiting from continuing with their day to day activities. 

What might bother homeowners is the thought of installing glass splashbacks taking a while before it’s completed. After all, you can’t cook in someone else’s kitchen while you wait. 

The only time-consuming part of the installation is getting the right measurements and cutting the glass. Once that’s achieved, installation only takes a few minutes. Technicians make use of strong glue or screws to attach the glass splashbacks.

#5 Aesthetic & Customisation

With glass splashbacks, you can easily add a pop of colour or make your kitchen look stylish and trendy. There are so many colours available with glass, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from which will easily fit with your existing décor. 

Great colours to creating striking contrasts in your kitchen are blue, red, purple, and lime. Glass splashbacks also have the ability to reflect light, which would help give the impression that your kitchen appears larger and brighter than it currently is. You’ll also have the option to add glass splashbacks with prints such as the example below.

Showerline Glass Splashback

Glass splashbacks are custom-made for your kitchen, so it will fit perfectly with your existing décor.

Bottom Line

Although there are many materials which would look great in most kitchens, nothing quite outdoes the elegance and style of glass. With so many colour options and the easy maintenance and installation, who wouldn’t want glass splashbacks in their kitchen?

Ready to Install a Glass Splashback in Your Kitchen?

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