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Benefits of Installing Bath Screens in Your Bathroom

For those who wish to have the convenience of a shower combined with the option of indulging in a bath, adding a bath screen to your bathroom is a must.


Adding a bath screen isn’t just about showering or taking a bath, there are loads of benefits when adding the feature to your bathroom.

Benefits of Bath Screens

Before you start renovating your bathroom with new features, ensure you know which tile you love the most and want included in your final design. After you’ve picked the must-have tile, you can decide which other tiles to add to complement it.

It’s great to have a starting point which you can work from to build your dream bathroom.

1. Limit Splash

An outdated looking shower curtain is not the way to go if you’re a homeowner with a modern taste. You’ll be able to limit splashing when taking a shower or bath without the shower curtain ruining your whole aesthetic. With the glass fixture, you’ll add a touch of elegance and minimalism.

Keep your bathroom dry and classy.

2. Spacious Bathroom

When installing a glass bath screen, you’ll allow light to pass through the fixture ensuring your bathroom looks more spacious.


For the best effect, try pairing your bath screen with a lighter background.

3. Easy Maintenance

As bath screens are made of glass, it’s easy to clean and maintain since all you mostly have to do is wipe it clean after showering or taking a bath. Daily cleaning will help prevent mould and buildup from forming and creating havoc later on.

4. Various Options on the Market

Gone are the days of having limited options of showers, baths, and even bath screens. You can now choose between sliding bath screens, framed or frameless screens, bi-fold, or even fixed or hinged bath screens. More options mean more opportunity to find your perfect fit.

5. Last a Long Time

A bath screen is an investment. When installed and properly cared for, it will last for a long time, without having to worry about replacing it.

6. Extra Features

Some bath screens have the option of including a handrail or holding tray for various bath products.

Choosing the Right Bath Screen for Your Bathroom

We’ve discussed the benefits of installing a bath screen, now the first challenge is actually finding the right one for you.

When picking a bath screen, it’s crucial to take your bathtub or bathing area into consideration. There are various types of bath screens available from fixed to folding, from sliding to swinging. Another element to consider is what type of material you want–frosted or clear glass and even acrylic.


Some options to consider:

  • Fixed Screens – The fixed bath screen is permanently fixed to the wall and the tub or floor. There’s no way to move the fixture.
  • Swing Screens – The swing bath screen includes a pivoting door which can be opened and closed. This type of bath screen requires a larger bathroom area because of its swinging door.
  • Folding Screens – The folding bath screen is the perfect option if you have a smaller bathroom where space is crucial. Options include 2, 3, or 4 folding doors and can sometimes include a rail.
  • Sliding Screens – The sliding bath screen can include one or two sliding doors and offers more privacy.

Need Bath Screens for Your Bathroom?

Showerline offers several bath screen options to provide practical solutions for those who wish to have the convenience of a shower combined with the option of indulging in a bath. Our aesthetically pleasing designs combine minimalist style, practical installation features and functionality of design. Get in touch.