Get Your Bathroom Winter-Ready with these 7 Quick & Easy Steps

Get Your Bathroom Winter-Ready with these 7 Quick & Easy Steps

Wake up most nights to use the bathroom but dreading the thought of it because you might freeze to death? Going to take a shower but can’t handle the icy cold feel of the bathroom before getting into the shower? We get it. You shouldn’t suffer when you want to use your bathroom. It should be your warm space to wind down and take care of your business.

With the list we created below you’ll be able to kick the cold to the curb in these winter months by helping you warm up your bathroom as much as possible! Follow these tips to prevent the cold from destroying your Winter Wonderland mood.

#1. Enjoy a Welcoming Shower

welcoming shower | Vision Shower Range

Had a long day at work? Feeling cold from the chilly winter day? A warm, welcoming shower might just be what you need. 

Investing in a luxurious shower which has a warm and welcoming effect, is a great option to consider for the winter months ahead. According to studies, a warm shower will help ease stress which allows your muscles to relax and can contribute to more restful sleep.

Our popular Vision Walk-In Shower Range would be the perfect choice to relax and wind down.

#2. Invest in a Gas Geyser

Have you ever considered replacing your electric geyser with a gas geyser? 

Gas Geyser

Why should you replace your electric geyser with a gas water heater? 

A gas geyser has two major benefits. 

  1. They never run out of hot water.
  2. They are energy efficient.

How does a Gas Geyser work?

There are various types of gas geysers, namely tankless, instant, and continuous but the most popular option is a tankless gas geyser. When you open the hot water tap, a sensor connected to the ECU detects the flow of water. After the sensor detects the activity, the gas burner ignites and the water absorbs as much heat as possible in the heat exchanger. Some gas geysers have a secondary heat exchanger to pre-heat water by using the heat from exhaust gases. 

A thermostat then modulates the amount of gas which goes to the burner, which maintains the pre-set temperature.

#3. Heated towels & rails

heated towels

Prevent stepping out into the cold bathroom after a warm shower by installing a heated towel rail. 

A heated towel rail gives you toasty towels to wrap yourself with but it also helps dry your wet towels quickly. So it’s the perfect item for humid or cold climates. Keeping your towels dry will also help prevent a breeding ground for germs and mould from forming. 

Remember to check the quality of your towel rail as well as its safety ratings. A stainless steel rail option is perfect if you need durability and easy maintenance. Stainless steel is also rustproof and won’t flake or chip.

#4. Let the Light in

Since light will only be pouring into the bathroom during the day, this is only a temporary fix. Allowing enough natural light into your bathroom will ensure it’s a bit warmer than usual.

To create this effect, add large windows or a skylight in your bathroom. If you’re concerned about not having privacy, make use of clerestory windows or frosted glass. You’ll be able to enjoy the sunlight without being exposed to the outside world or nosy neighbours.

#5. Get a Quality Bathroom Mat

bathroom mat

What purpose does a bathroom mat have other than adding a touch of style to your bathroom? The bathroom can benefit largely by adding a mat as part of its decor. Here’s why we think a bathroom mat is essential:

  1. Prevents slipping – If you purchase a non-slip mat, you’ll help prevent yourself from slipping on the wet floor when you step out of the shower. 
  2. Dries fast – If you purchase a memory foam bathroom mat, you’ll notice it dries super fast. These mats stand out for their soft material as well as being able to retain their shape after stepping on them. A microfiber bath mat is also a great choice as it also dries fast.
  3. Absorbent – A cotton bath mat can absorb water at lightning speed and is reversible. 
  4. Style – As we mentioned before, a bathroom mat can add style to your bathroom. If you have a minimally styled bathroom, purchasing a bathroom mat can give it that pop of colour to completely transform its look.

#6. Invest in a Gas Fireplace

Have you ever sat by a fireplace and enjoyed it as your skin warmed up after being in the winter’s icy weather? Having a fireplace in your bathroom is both a novelty and a luxury. 

Gas burning fireplaces are increasing in popularity with homeowners. With a gas burning fireplace, you can sit back and enjoy the heat without having to add wood or smelling like smoke.

Benefits of gas fireplaces:

  • You or your bathroom won’t smell like smoke
  • You’ll have instant and constant heat
  • There are no sparks
  • You can flip a switch to turn the fireplace on or off, no need for matches
  • You’ll save since installing a gas fireplace costs less than a wood-burning fireplace

#7. Home sauna

home sauna

A sauna’s benefits extend far beyond just helping you relax after a long day. These nifty rooms can increase your metabolic rates, detox your body, promote your immune system, and cleanse your pores! 

Did you know you can create your sauna right at home? If you’re not keen on going to a public sauna then a home sauna is the perfect fit for you. 

How to create your home sauna

Start by letting the shower water run at its hottest temperature possible. Allow it to run for five to ten minutes. Remember to close the door and add a towel to prevent cold air from entering the bathroom. If the mirrors in your bathroom are foggy, your home sauna is ready.

You can spend time in your home sauna as long as you’re comfortable. Focus on relaxing and just allowing the steam to open up your pores and relax your muscles. 

If you’re interested in a cooldown afterwards, just take a shower with colder water and you’re good to go!

Follow these 7 tips to ensure you have a toasty bathroom this winter to enjoy some quality me-time. At Showerline we offer various framed and frameless showers for you to add to your winter-ready bathroom. Feel free to go to and check out the ranges we have to offer. You can also give us a call or send us an email to

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