How to Choose the Right Shower for Your Bathroom

Picking the right shower for your bathroom might seem like a tough task. The shower has to match the rest of the bathroom style yet be the focal point at the same time. Does it sound like it’s too much to handle? Don’t worry, our guide will help you choose the perfect shower which best fits your bathroom.

Framed or Frameless Showers?

Although there are many different styles to consider for showers, they generally fall into two categories: Framed or Frameless. But both shower types have their pros and cons you must consider before making your final decision.


Framed Showers

From trending rustic showers to showers with functional integrity, there are loads of framed shower options to choose from.


Why should I consider a framed shower?

Framed shower doors have many benefits which homeowners can enjoy. A framed shower provides a lot more stability for your glass panels than a frameless shower can. It also provides watertight sealing so when you’re showering the water won’t end up all over your bathroom floor. 

Framed showers offer a variety of styles as well. For example, industrial black framed shower doors are trending at the moment as it provides a rustic look to any bathroom. 


Frameless Showers

A frameless shower can offer timeless elegance and style to any homeowners bathroom with its clean, minimalist appearance. 


Why should I consider a frameless shower?

Since it mostly consists of glass panels, a frameless shower can make your bathroom appear more spacious because you can see the area inside the shower as well. A frameless shower also allows light inside which will help you see where your products and items are.

With frameless showers, the chance of mould build-up is much lower because of the vacancy of seals since it will prevent water and soap from gathering in the area.

Different Shower Types

Today there are so many shower types to choose from, so we decided to give you a breakdown of a few.


Digital Showers

In today’s techy world it makes sense that there are digital showers, right? Digital or remote-controlled showers are popular because they offer a combination of stylish design and state-of-the-art bathroom technology. These showers can also be easily installed. 


How it works

Each digital shower is controlled by a single panel. This panel is located within a 10-metre radius of your shower so it gives you lots of freedom. The panel sends instructions to the power unit which adjusts the water’s flow and temperature. 

Another plus point? There are no visible plumbing with a digital shower. So you’ll definitely get that clean, modern look.


Mixer Showers

What is a mixer shower you ask? A mixer shower combines a hot and cold water supply inside a valve, to be the temperature you want before it reaches your shower head. These showers usually deliver higher flow rates than other types of showers.

If you don’t want to struggle with the water’s temperature, a mixer shower is a great option for you to consider.


Electric Showers

An electric shower heats cold water with electricity. Simple, right?  


How it works

An electric shower works the same as other electric appliances. An electric current is sent through a piece of metal called a heating element which has a moderate resistance. Because of this, it gets super hot when electricity moves through it. The cold water then flows past the heating element, picks up the heat and then moves through the showerhead.

An electric shower is a great option if you live in a house with many people because these showers never run out of warm water.


Thermostatic Showers

The purpose of a thermostatic shower is to ensure your water’s temperature remains constant throughout your shower. This also means you won’t feel a change in the temperature if someone in the house decides to turn on a tap!


How it works

The valve of the thermostatic shower controls how the hot and cold water supplies mix together. It then adjusts the temperature according to the heat of the water which helps maintain the temperature as is.

These showers are a great option for elderly people or children since the temperature is controlled.


We hope this guide gave you insight into what needs to be considered when choosing the shower that fits with your bathroom. At Showerline we offer luxurious framed and frameless showers as well as other bathroom elements like bath screens. Our expert team will help you pick your shower and install it for you. Give us a call on 021 797 3695 or simply send an email to