13 Elegant Glass Shower Ideas For Your Next Home Renovation

In recent years, homeowners have developed more of a taste for minimalism. They have moved from using every inch of space available and have changed to clean and aesthetically pleasing. Beautifully crafted framed and frameless showers can easily recreate a clean, minimalist look for your bathroom.

We have compiled 13 glass shower ideas, which you might want to add to your home renovating bucket list.

1. Seamless Shower

1 Seamless Shower

A seamless shower offers a polished and elegant look to any bathroom and could easily adapt to its surroundings because of its no-lines look. 

2. Black Steel-Framed Showers

Black Steel Shower

The industrial aesthetic has slowly been gaining traction in modern bathrooms. At Showerline we offer you shower doors with black hardware which would look chic in an all-white room. Its contrasting features will make your shower a beautiful centrepiece for any bathroom.

3. Shower Enclosure with Large Windows

3 Shower Enclosure with large windows

A wide, open space with large windows would be a great addition to any bathroom. The large windows will give your bathroom a lot of natural light, which, in turn, gives it a natural, clean feel.

4. Rustic Charm

4 Rustic Charm

Thanks to the new trend towards vintage styling, today’s homeowners are adding more rustic features into their dream homes. Rustic styling offers a charm which draws people in and makes them remember times when everything seemed a little bit simpler. When designing your dream home., a rustic bathroom will add a sense of warmth, especially in the winter time. Winter is, after all, the best season for a relaxing hot shower, right?

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5. Quartzite Strips Shower

5 Quartzite Strips Shower

(Image Credit: Kelly & Stone Architects)

If you’re looking to add something completely different to your shower, you should turn to Quartzite. Quartzite strips can add a beautiful, natural style to any bathroom and offer a calming effect – great for long relaxing showers. There are a  variety of colours for you to choose from.

6. Natural Shower

6 Natural Shower

(Image Credit: Tim Clarke Design)

People want all natural food, skincare, clothes, so why not a natural shower? More and more homeowners are moving away from artificial factory-made elements in their home. A natural atmosphere allows people to feel totally separate from the busy modern world. A lot of natural light, large windows, and light colour elements are key for a beautiful natural shower enclosure.

7. Black & White Shower

7 Black and White

(Image Credit: Showerline)

The contrast of black and white will seemingly never expire and it never fails to create the aesthetic of a lavish space. The classic colour duo offers you endless possibilities for decorating your shower.

8. Farmhouse Shower

8 Farmhouse Shower

(Image Credit: The Pleated Poppy)

When you use a lot of natural, untreated wood and metal with modern elements or shapes, you’ll get a rustic, clean farmhouse shower idea for your bathroom. It will add warmth and a welcoming sense to anyone who enters. A touch of rustic minimalism with a modern style can be a stunning outcome with a farmhouse themed shower enclosure.

9. Limestone Shower

9 Limestone

(Image Credit: JRP Design and Remodel)

Stone will add a lot of glamour to your shower enclosure. Different limestone colours also give the option for endless interior bathroom designs. Colour options include charcoal or jet black, blue/grey, light grey/grey, pastel pink, white, etc. The list goes on!

10. Wood Accent

10 Wood Accent

The right wood can make any compartment look classy and it gives it a warm, welcoming feeling. It can be paired with tiles or even modern elements to add contrast to the enclosure. You can give your shower a raised platform made of wood, which will add a rural feel.

11. A Shower with Seat

11 Shower with seat

(Image Credit: RoomMadness)

Adding a seat inside your shower enclosure, you’ll create a spa-like effect. This shower option allows you to sit and relax while the steam helps de-stress your mind and body. Also, if you have mobility issues you never have to worry about struggling to take a relaxing shower.

12. Round Glass Shower

12 Round Glass Shower

(Image Credit: Pinterest)

For the homeowners with a creative side, installing a rounded shower in your bathroom is a perfect way to make it the centrepiece of the room. The round shape adds a glamorous look to any glass shower. However, keep in mind that a round shower is not ideal for small bathrooms.

13. Marble Shower

13 Marble Shower

(Image Credit: Horton & Co.)

Marble texture is beyond elegant and has a minimalist’s heart and soul. It can create a beautiful design while still having a clean look to it. Marble also pairs well with Rose Gold colours.

When it comes to building your dream shower, your only limitation is your imagination. At Showerline, we offer a wide range of framed and frameless custom shower solutions to make your dream bathroom a reality.

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