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Bring Nature into Your Modern Home with Custom Shower Designs

If you’re reminiscing about those times you went camping with friends or family, perhaps bathing in the river or if you’re lucky, under a thundering waterfall, why not bring nature to your home?


Bring nature into your bathroom whether it’s adding various indoor plants or using materials like wood to add to an earthy atmosphere.


We searched far and wide and compiled ideas to help inspire you to bring nature into your modern home with some custom shower designs. As a bonus, we made a list of a few indoor plants that thrive in a humid atmosphere such as the bathroom.

Custom Shower Designs that Bring Nature into Your Modern Home

1. Waterfall Sensation

What’s more natural than a waterfall? For a waterfall-type effect in your bathroom, add a showerhead in your shower like the one below. You can also add a plant wall on the side and keep the rest of the shower open, to completely transform your shower area to make it feel like you’re taking a shower in mother nature.


If you don’t want the water to splash everywhere, add in frameless glass shower doors to keep the “open” style.

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2. Recreate the Outdoors

Create an outdoor feel by installing doors that open to your backyard like the example below. You can either add various plants just outside the doors or you can add some indoor plants right inside the shower enclosure. Doing so will create the ultimate outdoorsy shower sensation.


Another tip? Play nature sounds in the background while showering. Also, make sure you don’t have neighbours that can peep over your walls!

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3. What About Wood?

For an extra touch to add the ultimate natural feel to your bathroom, add wood. A darker wood finish is an excellent choice when trying to aim for natural decor. If the wood is too expensive and a little above your price range, rather use an alternative like engineered wood.


Engineered wood is the perfect choice when adding the material to a humid area like your bathroom.

4. Cave-like Features

Have you ever seen a movie where the people took a shower under a waterfall and then walked through it into a cave? Well, now you can have yourself a secret cave in your bathroom!


Design your bathroom like the one below with wood, natural stone, and frameless glass shower doors like the example below.

5. Earthy Tones

When choosing elements to add to your natural decor, stick with soothing earthy tones that remind you of the woods, the beach, and other outdoor locations. Whether it’s browns that replicate a wooded area, or a theme with blues and greens that replicate the ocean, you can easily enhance the natural feel with your colour scheme.

5 Plants Perfect for Your Bathroom

1. Spider Plants (Chlorophytumcomosum )

Don’t let its name put you off adding this plant to your bathroom. Spider plants didn’t get their name from harbouring spiders, it received its title because of the little plantlets at the end of the plant’s wiry stems that look a bit “spidery”.


Spider plants are one of the best plants to add to your bathroom as it usually takes care of itself, as long as your bathroom has a lot of natural light. The plant will keep your air fresh by removing carbon monoxide and other impurities like formaldehyde that are found in moist environments.


Bonus: The spider plant will continue to sprout buds which you can give to your friends or plant somewhere else in the house.


How to take care of spider plants:

  • Water the plant one to two times a week
  • Place out of direct sunlight, and in medium light.

2. Lucky Bamboo

As a natural oddity, Lucky Bamboo plants can grow without soil and in any light but make sure it’s not in direct sunlight the entire time.


For thousands of years, Lucky Bamboo has been part of Chinese culture. The plant has grown in popularity in the past 15 or so years.


Fun Fact: The Lucky Bamboo plant isn’t bamboo! The plant’s stems only look like the canes of the actual bamboo plant species.


How to take care of Lucky Bamboo plants:

  • Add a few pebbles in a pot filled with water to allow the plant to take root.

Here’s an in-depth guide on how to take care of the plant.

3. Orchids

Another plant perfectly happy in a humid environment? Orchids. These beautiful plants thrive in places wherever there is humidity, aka your bathroom.


With indirect sunlight, these plants are happy staying on your bathroom windowsill basking in the steamy environment.


When choosing Orchids for your bathroom, try adding varieties that are less temperamental like Paphiopedilums, Phalaenopsis, and Dendrobium.


How to take care of Orchids:

  • Water your Orchids once a week
  • Place the plant on a windowsill with enough light
  • Feed it weekly with a fertiliser specifically made for Orchids.

4. Aloe Vera

Not just another pretty plant. Although the Aloe Vera succulent can be added to your bathroom, the popular succulent can also be used topically. With its soothing, moisturising properties, you’ll have an attractive yet useful plant inside your bathroom.


What can it be used for: The succulent is known to be used for face masks, sunburns, insect bites, and even cuts.


How to take care of Aloe Vera:

  • Place the plant in a sunny area, making sure it’s not in direct sunlight
  • When watering the plant, make sure the soil is dry to help prevent rot
  • Water the succulent once a week, and twice a month during the winter
  • Use a sandy soil type when planting the succulent

5. Snake Plants (Sansevieria)

For those of you looking for a low-maintenance plant, the snake plant is one of your best choices. This plant, like the spider plant, will also help with air pollution by filtering out formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is often located in toilet paper and cleaning products.


Fun Fact: Snake plants are also referred to as the “mother-in-law’s tongue” and are part of the lily family.


How to take care of Snake Plants:

  • Don’t overwater the plant in the winter
  • Avoid wetting the leaves
  • Place your snake plant in indirect sunlight
Indoor Plants Infographic

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