Bathroom Inspiration for Your Black-Framed Shower [Photos]

Have you recently installed your black-framed shower enclosure in your bathroom but the rest of your bathroom’s accessories seem to clash with it? Matching your new shower with the rest of your bathroom can seem like a tedious task but luckily, it’s not impossible!


Shower enclosures with black metal frames have been becoming more popular by the day and it’s easy to see why. With its industrial aesthetic and contrasting features, it offers a chic alternative to your standard frameless or chrome enclosures.


Here are seven ideas of bathrooms with black-framed showers to help inspire modern aesthetic in your home or office bathroom.

1. Match Your Mirror and Other Hardware

Match Your Mirror and Other Hardware | Black-Framed Shower

Rather than trying to match your new black-framed shower with your bathroom, try matching the rest of your bathroom with your shower.


Think of adding a black framed mirror to the bathroom, black faucets, and black towel rails. This way, you can add elements of black without taking the spotlight from your gorgeous shower enclosure.

2. Industrial Touch Among Natural Elements

Industrial Touch Amongst Natural Elements | Black-Framed Shower

Image: Showerline

If your bathroom has a more natural ambience consisting of a lot of green, woodsy elements, a black-framed shower will provide an industrial touch amongst it. It would provide a magnificent contrast between the elements.


Make sure your shower stands out by making your bathroom mostly contain wood and greener elements. Plants are a great addition to this bathroom style.

3. Black Frame with Frosted Glass

Black Frame with Frosted Glass | Black-Framed Shower

To create a simple, sophisticated look, add frosted glass to your black framed shower.

Think the black frames with the blurred glass will look dull?
Add some flowers! Bright coloured flowers or a soft pink would add a lovely touch of colour without making it look too cluttered.

Frosted glass is also perfect if you’d like a bit more privacy when you’re in the shower.

4. Black Frame with Brick Wall

Black Frame with Brick Wall | Black-Framed Shower

To create a complete industrial aesthetic, try adding your black framed enclosure to a bathroom with brick walls. The bricks will complement the shower frames.

Adding a small framed windowpane will beautifully match the rest of the rectangular-shaped elements of the shower door frame and the walls.

5. A Touch of Gold

A Touch of Gold

The perfect contrast to your black-framed shower would be adding traditional gold hardware to your bathroom. The gold will stand out without taking the focal point from your beautiful black shower.

6. Black Frame with Marble

Black Frame with Marble | Black-Framed Shower

Marble has long been a popular texture in bathrooms, kitchens, and other home areas. Now adding your black-framed shower enclosure? Show stopper.

You’ll have the option of using a texture with your shower focal point without allowing both elements to clash.

7. Black Frame with a Touch of Colour

Black Frame with a Touch of Colour | Black-Framed Shower

Although your black-framed shower enclosure looks amazing in a monochromatic setup, adding a touch of colour can make an excellent combination.

Try adding a vase with pink, red or yellow flowers, some bright paintings, or simply making your smaller elements such as your hand wash bottle, a vibrant colour.

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