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How to Keep Your Glass Shower Sparkly Clean: Simple Steps

Previously we have discussed how to deep clean your shower to get rid of germs, mould, and other atrocities, but now you’re struggling to keep your shower glass smudge-free and sparkling. Who wants a gorgeous glass shower with soap scum, stains, or fingerprints all over it? Not us and certainly not you!


Follow these five simple steps to ensure your shower is not just clean on the inside, but on the outside as well!

1. Use Non-talc-containing Soap

If you’re a homeowner using the simple bar soap instead of shower gel, you’ll want to check if you’re using a bar soap with talc.


Most bar soaps on the market contain talc. Talc is the ingredient causing all that soap build-up on your glass shower door. Luckily there are a few options on the market for bar soaps without talc—Dove or other natural soaps—to ensure your shower door stays soap scum-free.

2. Use a Squeegee

You know that funny-looking device they use to clean your car’s windows at the petrol station? It’s called a squeegee and you can use it to clean your glass shower doors as well.


Many shower door manufacturers produce shower doors which contain a coating to help prevent build-up, but a squeegee will help remove soap and water stains.


Try to make use of the squeegee every day to wipe down your shower doors—try to do it right after your shower, so you won’t forget and it can become a habit.

How to use the Squeegee Effectively

Start in the top corner of the shower door, apply slight pressure and drag it all the way down the glass. Repeat the process in the same area until all the water droplets are gone, then continue with the rest of the shower.


Quick Tip
Dry the squeegee’s rubber blade to ensure it doesn’t leave marks.

3. DIY Cleaning Solutions

If you want a more natural cleaning solution, the following methods can help clean your glass shower doors:

White Vinegar and Baking Soda

Mix one cup of baking soda with a few drops of white vinegar to create a thick cleanser. Spread it all over your glass door, let it sit for about an hour, then simply wipe it off with a wet flannel or rag.

Vinegar and Water

This is a great cleanser solution to add to a spray bottle to easily spray on your shower doors and it’s inexpensive.

Mix one part vinegar with three parts water, add the mixture to a spray bottle, and spray it on the glass. Let the solution sit for five minutes to work its magic if you have stubborn stains. Rinse the solution with warm water or simply wipe it off with a paper towel or rag.

Quick Tip

Newspaper is an effective material to use for wiping as it doesn’t create streaks on the glass.

Baking Soda and Water

Baking soda and water combined will create a scrub-like solution to remove stains and soap scum from your shower doors.

The measurements will depend on how much you need, but you’ll want to add enough of each to create a thick paste. First, start by adding ½ a cup of baking soda, then add water little by little until a paste is formed. You don’t want it to be runny.

Apply the mixture to the glass and use a non-abrasive sponge to scrub the glass. Rinse it afterwards with water or vinegar.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Rubbing Alcohol, Liquid Dish Soap, and Dishwasher Rinse

This chemical-free solution has more than two ingredients mixed to help clean your shower doors.

What you need:

  • ½ cup Hydrogen Peroxide
  • ½ cup Rubbing Alcohol
  • 1 teaspoon liquid dish soap
  • 1 tablespoon dishwasher rinse
  • Spray bottle

Add the materials in a spray bottle big enough to hold about one litre. Add water to fill up the bottle and gently combine the ingredients by rocking the bottle back and forth. No shaking, this will cause the solution to foam up.

Quick Tip
Store the solution away from direct sunlight.

4. Stronger Commercial Cleaning Solutions

If you feel the above DIY solutions aren’t working for you, there are a few stronger commercial cleaning solutions on the market you can try out for tough stains.

Tips when using Commercial Cleaning Solutions

  • Use a non-abrasive cleaner with a pH of around seven to eight.
  • When scrubbing, avoid acid-based cleaners or sharp instrument to prevent damage to the shower door’s glass coating.
  • Leave the cleaner on the shower door for a few minutes, if the cleaner advises you so.
  • Prevent streaks on the glass by making use of paper towels, newspapers, rags, or lint-free towels.
  • Wear gloves to protect your hands from the strong chemicals.

5. Leave the Shower Door Open

Last but not least, leave your shower door open after you had a shower. Doing this will allow air to circulate in the shower enclosure and help with water evaporation. This method will also prevent mildew in the corners and other areas of your shower area.

If you don’t have proper ventilation in place, opening the shower door will also help release humidity. However, if you have a vent in place, make sure to turn it on before you step into the shower. A proper ventilation system will help prevent harmful mould and mildew from forming in your beautiful shower enclosure.

Now that your shower glass is squeaky clean and sparkling, read how you can deep clean your shower the right way. Your guests will be so impressed!

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