Silhouette Framed Shower Range

Silhouette Framed Shower Range

The SILHOUETTE Framed Shower Door Range remains a market favourite since its release more than twenty five years ago, due to its simplicity and functional integrity.

The basic and robust application makes it popular for frequently used areas where low maintenance is a key requirement.  

The Silhouette framed shower door range is available in a variety of glass and aluminium finishes.

Range options include:


Folds inwards from the centre and can be opened from either side depending on the bathroom fixtures. Features robust stainless steel wheel bearings which allow for long lasting service and minimal maintenance. Side and return panels in a variety of layout can be added as needed.


An excellent alternative where cost is a factor. Using framed 4 mm and 5 mm Toughened Safety Glass, the Pivot door provides generous access to the shower area whilst utilising maintenance-free stainless steel Pivot mechanisms.

View our Black Finish Showers, that includes black framed, frameless with black brackets and hinges or our cottage pane framed version.

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