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Quality Products & Safety

As a Consumer it is vital that your choice of shower manufacturer and supplier strictly abides by the guidelines of the South African Burea of Standards (SABS) in terms of safety and quality. Showerline takes pride in the formation and adherence to standards as set out by South African National Standards (SANS).

What is the purpose of the South African Shower Enclosure Manufacturers Association?

In order to put safety first in the Shower Door Industry, the Association was formed after much consultation within the industry. This is important in view of the Consumer Protection Act so as to implement and regulate norms within which to operate and to comply with the National Standards (SANS 10400 Part N, 1263 Part 1, 549). 


As a founding member of SASEMA, we have signed a Code of Conduct, wherein we agree to abide by the guidelines of the industry. We are not prepared to step outside those bounds.

However, we routinely conduct tests on our products design and configuration and are able to certify performance criteria beyond SASEMA regulations, all in accordance with SANS regulations.

Showerline regularly conducts safety tests.

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