Vision Frameless Shower (Walk-In) Range

The Vision is our Frameless Shower Door and Enclosure Range. The Vision Framless Shower Range can be configured as a Walk-In Shower with optional Fixed or Hinged Deflector panels.

Vision Front Panel with Twin Hinge Deflector Panels – Frameless Shower

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The Vision Frameless Shower Range offers a modern look Walk-In Enclosure with a choice of optional Fixed or Hinged Deflector Panels, available in both 8mm and 10 mm glass thicknesses.

These panels are designed to provide additional shower protection by containing more water within the designated showering area. The Deflector Panel can be used in conjunction with or without shower trays and can be easily fitted, even after the installation of the front panel, which means you need only purchase a deflector panel if required, saving you time and money.

The Vision Frameless Shower Range allows you to create a stunning Walk-In shower.


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