Structural Stability Test of Showerline Toughened Glass Shower Door

Showerline Shower Door Quality Product Testing for structural stability of shower enclosure and toughened safety glass. Product Tested: Mirage BiSlider. This was an unofficial test to show glass strength. For official tests visit: Unofficial test that shows the quality and strength of Toughened Safety Glass used by Showerline Shower Doors – force used: 45kg weighted bag in motion. Showerline Shower Doors (Pty) Ltd. are the only South African shower enclosure manufacturer that conducts official product testing. Showerline strictly abides by the guidelines of the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) in terms of safety and...

Particles of Toughened Safety Glass

Showerline Product Test showing glass particles of Toughened Safety Glass – conforms to SABS safety standards as described in the report image. Shower Product Test above shows a large section of shattered Toughened Safety Glass from above test sequence – an area of 50mm x 50mm must have a minimum particle count of 40 particles in a square in order to conform to SABS safety guidelines – this image shows a count of 124 particles within a square of 50mm x 50mm – a successful test of the quality of Toughened Safety Glass used by Showerline Shower...

Showerline Product Test Failure

Showerline Product Test Failure – Toughened Safety Glass Broken – Force used: 45 weighted bag in motion with sharp object attached to bag. Glass shattered on 10th attempt after a sharp object was attached. Glass did not break with force of bag alone.


Your guys have just left and it turned out really well.

The guys were so professional, didn’t leave a drop of a mess and were an absolute pleasure having here.

The whole experience with Showerline has been really good and I’ll definately recommend you to people needing a shower doors.

Regards Mark

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Showerline Compliments

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