Infinity Frameless Shower Range

The INFINITY Frameless Shower Door Range with its clean, uninterrupted lines is simply stunning.

This is a fully integrated system, utilizing unique channels that can either be recessed or hidden inside walls or tiling, or alternatively retrofitted after tiling is completed, to have as a feature of brightened aluminum in the bathroom environment.

What makes this product one-of-a-kind is the ability to eliminate the need for clamps, tie bars and shelves in certain circumstances. Full waterproofing can be achieved by the clever use of unique gaskets and silicone between the glass and the channels.

Various glass thicknesses can be used within the same channels. The benefits are both aesthetic, as the panels appear to be floating, as well as hygienic, as there are no recesses for soap, calcium build etc. to take place.

Features Include

  • Unique gaskets and silicon between glass and channels
  • Channels are unique to Showerline
  • Various glass thickness ranging from 8, 10 and 12 mm Toughened Safety Glass

View our Black Finish Showers, that includes black framed, frameless with black brackets and hinges or our cottage pane framed version.

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