How to Choose the Right Tiles for Your Bathroom

How to Choose the Right Tiles for Your Bathroom

Tiles occupy more than half the space of your bathroom so it’s a crucial element to put focus on during your journey to designing your perfect bathroom.

Tiles aren’t just used on the bathroom floors anymore, it’s popularly used on walls as well. Tiles can give you a pop of colour or a subtle texture to completely transform your bathroom’s look.

Follow our five tips below to ensure you don’t just pick any tiles for your bathroom but the right ones.

1. Choose Your Must-have Tile First

Before you start renovating your bathroom with new features, ensure you know which tile you love the most and want included in your final design. After you’ve picked the must-have tile, you can decide which other tiles to add to complement it.

It’s great to have a starting point which you can work from to build your dream bathroom.

2. Don’t Overdo It

Sometimes we can get a bit carried away, especially since there are so many beautiful shapes, colours and patterns to choose from!

After choosing your must-have tile, it’s time to focus on the rest of the tiles to help compliment it. If your must-have tile is a unique colour or pattern, add tiles which have subtle colours to allow the main tile to stand out.

However, if your focus tile is plain, feel free to add tiles with some colour or patterns to create a unique design.

When choosing your tiles, try to limit yourself to no more than three different tiles. If you add too many different tiles, it will start to look overwhelming.

3. Size Matters

The next item on the list: Room size vs tile size. Many bathrooms are on the small side so you may want to hold off on using large tiles. When you add large tiles to a small bathroom, it creates fewer grout lines which make the floor look like one continuous surface.

You need to pick tiles which will complement the size of your bathroom, not make it appear overwhelming for its visitor. For a mid-size bathroom, consider adding medium-sized tiles. For a small bathroom consider adding mosaic tiles. Just remember, mosaic tiles require more grout so, therefore, more cleaning.

4. Add Some Texture

Want your bathroom to look and feel like a spa? Adding some nature-inspired textured tiles can help do the trick.

Some great tile options are slate, natural stone, travertine, and marble effect tiles. Add some wood elements and your bathroom will definitely have a relaxing finish.

5. Maintenance

If you’re not a fan of cleaning, think carefully about the type of tiles you add to your bathroom.

Ceramic or porcelain tiles are usually easy to keep clean while natural stone tiles require a bit more maintenance. Stone tiles also need to be sealed. If you’d like to use stone tiles, use them on the floor or in areas which don’t get wet frequently.

6. Grout

All tiles require grout to ensure a water-resistant surface. When it comes to grout, there are two important elements to consider: maintenance and colour.

A great colour combination for your tiles is making use of a darker tile with white grout lines to create a sharp contrast. However, grout with a similar tone to the tile can create a subtle blend.

Need Tiles for Your Bathroom?

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