7 Easy Tips For Designing your Dream Custom Bathroom

7 Easy Tips For Designing your Dream Custom Bathroom

Choosing tiles, shower materials, sink options, decor…To customize your bathroom is a big task to take on. There are quite a few important factors to take into consideration. Luckily, we’ve created a list with seven tips to help make the process easier for you.

1. Lighting

First things first, the lighting in the bathroom plays a crucial role. An essential area to focus on for good lighting is the mirror. It’s best to have to lights on either side of the mirror at eye level and another one right above the mirror. The light will illuminate your face from all angles and eliminate shadows so you can see clearly.

Bonus light tip: Use ceiling-mounted fixtures for general bathroom lighting and if you want to create a mood or style, make use of pendant lights or even chandeliers.

2. Flooring

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The floor covers a large area of the bathroom so it’s paramount to choose the correct style that fits with the rest of the bathroom elements. You must consider choosing a tile which cleans easily. You don’t want to struggle with the grout. Important factors when choosing tiles is if they are: slip-resistant (You don’t want to injure yourself after a relaxing shower or bath), waterproof and also if they’re attractive.

Great choices would be ceramic, stone or marble tiles. But don’t use highly polished stone because it will get slippery when it comes into contact with water.

Bonus tile tip: Consider using sealed hardwood floors to add natural warmth to your custom bathroom.

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3. Cabinets

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Homeowners can easily express personal style with cabinets in the bathroom. There are so many styles out there for various personalities. Cabinets vary from double- or single-sink vanities to wall-mounted cabinets and even storage shelves.  

Bonus cabinet tip: Make sure you choose a material which can handle excessive moisture and is heat resistant to ensure longevity.

4. Ventilation

Because a bathroom is a “wet area”, you need to ensure it receives fresh air at all times. Your windows must be able to provide sunlight and fresh air. If the windows don’t provide enough ventilation, consider installing a ventilated skylight.

5. Toilet

It’s important to consider the toilet placement when you design your custom bathroom. It needs to pass regulations, be comfortable and be out of view from people in other rooms of your house. Privacy is a priority.

Consider how you are going to get rid of odours. Try adding a small window above the toilet or installing a vent fan in the centre of the bathroom’s ceiling.

Bonus toilet tip: If your bathroom is relatively small, consider installing a slider door so a swinging door won’t interfere with the toilet’s placement.

6. Bathtub & Shower

Relaxation station. For people, having a shower or a bath is their stress-relieving methods. So it’s fundamental to consider if you want a shower, a bath, or even both in your bathroom.


If your bathroom size allows for a bathtub, then consider adding one to it. The bathtub is a natural focal point of any bathroom. It’s easy to make a statement with a bathtub. They all have different styles which can make an impact on any bathroom. From tubs with a pedestal base to ones with claw-and-ball feet, there is one for every person out there.


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If you’re a shower person, create a spacious looking bathroom by building an open-concept shower. Such a shower does not require curtains or a door. Just ensure there is proper drainage for the water.

Bonus shower tip: Consider an inbuilt shelf for your products so they don’t have to be left out on the floor. It will stop your shower space from looking cluttered.

7. Extra Amenities

Consider spoiling yourself with a few extra facilities which focus more on your happiness than necessities. Consider adding the following:

– A gas-insert fireplace. It’s the ultimate relaxing feature for any bathroom.

– Avoid cold feet on chilly floors by considering in-floor radiant heating.

– Add a sound system. You can play relaxing tunes while you soak up the warm water.

– If you enjoy a glass of wine or a bottle of beer, then consider adding a beverage centre.

If you want to create an at-home spa or just a care-free space, the above-mentioned factors can make or break your custom bathroom. Contact Showerline for endless beautiful shower doors and bathroom accessories which will change your bathroom into your ultimate bathroom fantasy.

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