Glass Room Dividers Range

The use of Toughened Safety Glass is becoming ever more popular as an architectural design element. This opens up areas to allow light and air to be used to great effect. Varying designs are used to subdivide bedrooms, bathrooms, wine cellars and any other area requiring a clean sophisticated look. The use of satin or sandblasted glass finishes provides privacy and when combined with clear glass creates stunning contemporary areas.

Image Pelmet Glider System
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Image Glass Glider Systems



IMAGE PELMET GLIDER_ Our latest product innovation which has been product tested for structural stability according to SASEMA regulations.

This product utilises 8mm Glass, and has a Bright Silver finish.

Currently this product is not available for ‘glass fixing’, only available ‘to wall’. This product is suitable for openings of up to 900mm x 2050mm height.

The product will finish at 1000mm Width, and 2150mm height.


IMAGE GLIDER _ This is the Original Showerline Glider product made with 10mm toughened Safety Glass. This is available both as wall and glass fix systems.

We look forward to being able to offer a ‘Silk Sand Finish’ in the new future. Please enquire with Showerline if this is an option you are interested in.


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Product Description

Stainless steel roller bearing and wheels combine with 10mm Toughened Safety Glass to provide unique access systems to bedroom, bathroom and similar areas. Finger-tip control and friction closing allow for stunning applications. The Glider can be used on its own or in combinations with skylights, sidelights and varying designs. Application is most popular in satin glass. Available in various shapes, sizes and configurations across our Reflection and Image ranges.




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