Glass Room Dividers Range

The use of Toughened Safety Glass is becoming ever more popular as an architectural design element. This opens up areas to allow light and air to be used to great effect. Varying designs are used to subdivide bedrooms, bathrooms, wine cellars and any other area requiring a clean sophisticated look. The use of satin or sandblasted glass finishes provides privacy and when combined with clear glass creates stunning contemporary areas.


Frameless Glass Room Dividers

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Product Description

By using elements from the REFLECTION or IMAGE frameless shower ranges, unique and totally customised glass room divider layouts can be created to suit the most demanding of applications. The option of a seamless feel and look can also be created by recessing floor, wall and ceiling channels, which contain sealing gaskets and features to maintain integrity of waterproofing. This unique system from Showerline is at the forefront of frameless shower enclosure and frameless glass room divider technology.


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