Earth Friendly Initiatives

Showerline’s Earth Friendly Practices:


Showerline is proud to implement Green Initiatives internally in order to lighten the impact to our environment.


Finding ways to recycle, reuse and repurpose is an ongoing learning process for staff at Showerline. We are grateful to our TEAM for finding ways to implement green friendly initiatives.


With the current drought in the Western Cape – our Head Office has strict policies regarding the use of water and repurposing any used water. Likewise we find ways to use save on energy resources and repurpose packaging and materials.


Currently in place we:


  • Recycle shattered and waste toughened safety glass via an accredited recycling plant.
  • Appointed internal GREEN AMBASSADORS who lead our staff in recycling, re-using and re-purposing items such as paper products; plastic; glass; tin; polystyrene and cardboard.
  • Use only low VOC silicone products and recycle the empty silicone containers.

If you have a great idea that we can implement internally or initiative to get involved in, please email: